HITBSecConf – QUAD TRACK (12th & 13th October 2011)

Day 1 (12th October) Keynote Speaker

Keynote 1: Kenneth Geers (CCD CoE)

Day 2 (13th October) Keynote Speaker

Keynote 2: Jennifer Granick (Attorney, ZwillGen PLLC)

Conference Speakers

1.) Alex Kirk (Senior Member, Sourcefire VRT)
2.) Alexander Polyakov (CTO, ERPScan)
3.) Andrea Barisani (Chief Security Engineer, Inverse Path)
4.) Babak Javadi (TOOOL USA)
5.) Barry van Kampen (HITB.nl Team Lead / Security Consultant, ITQ)
6.) Benjamin Kunz (Founder, Vulnerability Lab)
7.) biatch0 (Independent Security Researcher)
8.) Daniel Mende (ERNW)
9.) Daniele Bianco (Inverse Path)
10.) Deviant Ollam (TOOOL USA)
11.) Dmitriy Chastuhin (ERPScan)
12.) Don A. Bailey (Security Consultant, iSEC Partners)
13.) Hendrik Scholz (VoIP Guy & Frequent Flyer)
14.) Jim Geovedi (Security Researcher)
15.) Jimmy Shah (Mobile Security Researcher, McAfee)
16.) Joernchen (Phenoelit)
17.) Joffrey Czarny (Devoteam Security)
18.) Jonathan Brossard (Founder / CEO, Toucan Systems)
19.) KaiJern Lau (Technical Director, APAC, PandaSecurity)
20.) Kevin Redon (Researcher, TU-Berlin/Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)
21.) Laurent Weber (IT Security Student, Ruhr Uni Bochum Germany)
22.) Mahmud Ab Rahman (MyCERT)
23.) Marc Blanchou (Security Consultant, iSEC Partners)
24.) Marco ‘embyte’ Balduzzi (PhD Researcher, EURECOM)
25.) Mathew Solnik (Security Consultant, iSEC Partners)
26.) Nico Golde (Researcher, TU-Berlin/Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)
27.) Paul S. Ziegler (Independent Network Security Researcher)
28.) Philippe Langlois (Founder, P1 Security / TSTF)
29.) Ravishankar Borgaonkar (Researcher, TU-Berlin/Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)
30.) Riley Hassell (Founder, Privateer Labs)
31.) RuFI0 (Independent Security Researcher)
32.) Sandro Gauci (Founder, EnableSecurity)
33.) Saumil Shah (Founder, Net-Square)
34.) Stefan Esser (Head of R&D, SektionEins GmbH)
35.) The Grugq (Senior Security Researcher, COSEINC)
36.) Travis Goodspeed (Reverse Engineer of Embedded Systems)


1.) Adnan Mohd Shukor (MyCERT)
2.) Jurre van Bergen (HITB.nl Core Crew)
3.) Keith Lee (Independent Security Researcher)
4.) Lim Jun Yi (MyCERT)
5.) Mahmud Ab Rahman (MyCERT)
6.) Mohammed Kamil (MyCERT)
7.) Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi (PhD Student)
8.) Youri van der Zwart (HITB.nl Core Crew)


Richard Thieme(Founder, ThiemeWorks)

Finalized conference agenda is available for download