KaiJern Lau (Technical Director, APAC, PandaSecurity)

Presentation Title Malware Sandboxing the Xandora Way
Presentation Abstract

Xandora is a malware sandbox. The idea of Xandora sandbox is for performance, simplified reporting and sharing. At this moment we have received almost 20,000 samples a day and processed almost 800 samples per hour. Some common complaints about sandboxing is that it’s too complicated and not able to process many files within a reasonable time. Xandora aims to solve this through:

i. Simple reporting
ii. A central malware sharing platform for reporting, process dumping, samples etc.
iii. The ability to process more malware with less servers (cost vs volume)

About KaiJern

KaiJern has been in the computer security industry for the past 7 years. Kaijern has also been involved in HITBSecConf for the last 5 years and also a winning team member for Capture the Flag in 2005. In the past few years, he has been a hobbyist exploit developer and has published a couple of local privilege escalation advisories. KaiJern currently works for PandaSecurity, Asia Pacific office since 2005. His responsibilities in Panda Security includes overseeing the technical team and Asia Pacific’s malware incidents.