Laurent Weber (IT Security Student, Ruhr Uni Bochum Germany)

Presentation Title All Your Base Stations are Belong to Us: Extending Scapy with a GSM Air Interface
Presentation Abstract

This presentation describes the enhancement of scapy, the powerful interactive packet manipulation program, by the layer-3 of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) protocol. Layer-3 of the GSM protocol is part of the UM-interface, which is the air interface connecting the mobile devices to the operators’ network.

Furthermore, possibly vulnerable parts of the GSM state-machine will be explored and discussed. To the best knowledge of the author there is no prior work presenting a tool which allows building of GSM layer 3 from the command line. There is also no work presenting attacks on the state-machine of the GSM baseband stack. We will hopefully be able to demonstrate these attacks and tests on the logic of the GSM state-machine using our newly created add on.

About Laurent Weber

Laurent is a technology freak, cryptography and IT-Security enthusiast who always wants to understand how stuff works.