Ravishankar Borgaonkar, Kevin Redon & Nico Golde (Researchers, TU-Berlin/Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)

Presentation Title Femtocells: A Poisonous Needle in the Operator’s Hay Stack
Presentation Abstract

Femtocells are an emerging technology deployed by the operators around the world to enhance 3G connectivity. These secured devices are installed in the customers home and connect the mobile phone to the mobile network operator’s network using an existing broadband connection.

Various researchers (including us) have shown in the past that these devices are not secure and can be hacked. However, nobody has actually investigated the impact of integrating a rouge femtocell to the mobile operator’s core network. In this talk, we will give a short introduction to femtocell technology and show different attacks based on a rogue femtocell.

These attacks can target end-users being logged into a femtocell, femtocell owners as well as network operators.

About Ravishankar Borgaonkar, Kevin Redon and Nico Golde

Ravishankar Borgaonkar, Kevin Redon and Nico Golde work as researchers in the the Security in Telecommunications department at TU-Berlin/Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-labs). Their research topics are related to mobile telecommunication and involved security threats. This ranges from GSM/UMTS, smartcards, femtocell to end-user device security.