Capture The Flag – Tower of Hackf00 Madness

USD1111 cash prize for the 1st Place team sponsored by Panda Security 


Capture The Flag – Tower of Hackf00 Madness, is an attack only competition bringing a variety of challenges requiring participants to have a myriad of skills. Participants joining this competition should be mentally and physically prepared as the organizing crew has prepared a grueling number of challenges which will push the participants to their limits. This year’s CTF will also introduce the new organizing Crew 3.0 and the retirement of Crew 2.0 (The Sexy Kambingz).

Over a period of two (2) days, participants of the game will be tested on various subjects. Teams are expected to be well versed in subjects such as binary reversing, cryptography, digital forensics, network f00, web exploitation, and brain busting puzzle solving skills. There will be a total of 20 challenges to solve with increasing difficulty. Challenges will be released over a period of time during the 2 day event. The fastest team to obtain the most points will be crowned the winners. This game is not for the faint of heart. Do you have what it takes?

Tools and Skills

- A laptop
- A network switch
- Brains and creativity
- Resourcefulness
- Hardcore networking skills
- Elite reverse engineering skills
- Hardcore forensics skills
- Awesome web exploitation skills
- Some cryptography skills
- The ability to kick back and just have fun

The game will run through out the 2 days of the conference, starting from 10am – 5pm each day. Each team is limited to a maximum of 3 people. At the end of the day there can only be the top 3 winners.


- No flooding and/or DoS attack. Players will be penalized by disqualification, points deduction or time penalty.
- No harassment of other opponents.
- All participants must obey PIT STOP calls. PIT STOP calls are rest intervals where all players must leave the game area to facilitate for the CtF judges to update the score, and/or do maintenance work etc.

How do I register?

To register for Capture The Flag –Tower of Hackf00 Madness, please send an email to with the following details. Do note that registration closes on Tuesday 4th October 2011

- Team Name
- Team Leaders Name / Handle + Email Address
- Team Members Names / Handle + Email Addresses

Final Judgement

At all times, the decision of the CtF Organizing Team is final on any matter in question.

Registered Teams

  1. sutegoma2 (JAPAN)
  2. Dutch Orange Glasses (NETHERLANDS)
  3. Securityfirst (REPUBLIC OF KOREA)
  4. Stealther (MALAYSIA)
  5. D3c3p71c0n (VIETNAM)
  6. π  (SINGAPORE)
  7. Hondorioxz (IRAN)
  8. Lepak (SINGAPORE)
  9. Negative (REPUBLIC OF KOREA)
  10. Sentinel (MALAYSIA)
  11. U!D=0(r00t) (MALAYSIA)