Daniel Mende (ERNW) & Jim Geovedi (Independent Security Researcher)

Presentation Title HITB Labs: Practical Attacks Against 3G/4G Telecommunication Networks
Presentation Abstract

In 2010 a number of practical high-profile attacks against GSM has been discussed and demonstrated. Still it should be noted that those only work against GSM (“2G”) which has been standardised in the early 90s. It was followed by the “3G” family of standards in 2000 which in turn are currently superseded (better: complemented) by yet another generation (“4G”). LTE (4G) which is expected to be “the next big thing in mobile telco business” has an all-IP network architecture that is much flatter than the earlier architectures’ ones.

In this 2 hours lab session, you will learn the fundamentals you need to know of 3G/4G telecommunication network architectures, associated attack paths and attack classification based on the protocols involved and the attack originating networks (user equipment, other operators, Internet, etc.). Daniel Mende and Jim Geovedi will familiarise you with some of the tools they authored and also practicing the attacks against real 3G/4G telecommunication gear in the lab. Not only you will learn how to use designated attack tools, you will find out how to implement component fuzzing against 3G/4G telecommunication gear.

This workshop is hands-on. You will need a laptop with VMWare/VirtualBox installed.

About Daniel Mende

Daniel Mende is a long time network geek who loves to explore network devices & protocols and to break flawed ones.

About Jim Geovedi

BBC News described Geovedi as a guy who “doesn’t look like a Bond villain… but possesses secrets that some of them might kill for”.