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HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia (Day 1)

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia (Day 2)

Registration for HITBSecConf2009 - Dubai is also now open.

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia - Conference Speakers

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This will be a TRIPLE TRACK security conference featuring a new hands-on lab session which will run alongside the conference.

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia- Day 1 Keynote Speakers

1.) Jeremiah Grossman (Founder & Chief Technology Officer, White Hat Security.)
2.) Marcus Ranum (Chief Security Officer, Tenable Network Security)

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia - Day 2 Keynote Speakers

3.) Dr. Anton Chuvakin (Director of Compliance Solutions @ Qualys)
4.) Peter Sunde [brokep] (Founder, The Pirate Bay - TPB) and Fredrik Neij [TiAMO] (Founder, The Pirate Bay - TPB)

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia - Speakers (alphabetical order)

1. AR (Independent Network Security Researcher, Securebits)
2. Adrian ‘pagvac’ Pastor (ProCheckUp Ltd. / GNUCITIZEN)
3. Andrew ‘Q’ Righter (HacDC)
4. Alexander Tereshkin (Principal Researcher, Invisible Things Lab)
5. Charl van der Walt (Founder / Managing Director, Sensepost Information Security)
6. Charlie Miller (Principal Analyst, Independent Security Evaluators)
7. Ching Tim Meng (Independent Security Consultant)
8. Dino Dai Zovi (Security Researcher)
9. Eric Lawrence (Microsoft Corporation)
10. Ero Carrera (Reverse Engineering Automation Researcher, zynamics GmbH)
11. Hernan Ochoa (Senior Security Consultant, Core Security Technologies)
12. Ilfak Guilfanov (Founder/CEO of Hex-Rays SA and creator of IDA Pro)
13. Jim Geovedi (Member of HERT & Security Consultant, PT. Bellua Asia Pacific)
14. Jonathan Squire (Founder, Big Brain Labs)
15. Julian Ho (Chief Operating Officer, THINKSecure Pte. Ltd.)
16. King Tuna (Independent Network Security Researcher)
17. Kris Kaspersky (Independent Network Security Researcher / Author for Xakep Magazine)
18. Lee Chin Sheng [geek00l] (Independent Network Security Researcher)
19. Mary Yeoh (Security Evaluation Lead, Intel Security Center of Excellence [SeCoE])
20. Matthew Geiger (Forensics Specialist, CERT)
21. Meling Mudin [spoonfork] (Independent Network Security Researcher)
22. Paul Craig (Principal Security Consultant, Security-Assessment.com)
23. Peter Silberman (Engineer, Mandiant Inc.)
24. Petko D. Petkov [pdp] (GNUCITIZEN)
25. Roberto Preatoni (Founder of WSLabi and Zone-H Defacement Mirror)
26. Shreeraj Shah (Director, BlueInfy)
27. Saumil Shah (Founder, Net-Square)
28. The Grugq (Independent Network Security Researcher)
29. Thomas Varghese (Oracle Corporation)

Event Organizer

Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Supported & Endorsed By

Malaysian National Computer Confederation

Multimedia Development Corporation

Platinum Sponsors

Titanium Sponsor (Post Conference Reception)

Gold Sponsors

CTF Sponsor

CTF Prize Sponsor

Open-Hack Sponsor

Metro-e and Official Bandwidth Sponsor

Network Equipment Sponsor

Our Speakers are Supported By

Supporting Media:

Virus Bulletin

InfoSec News

InfoSec News

XAKEP (Russia)

Supporting Organizations

Professional Information Security Association - Hong Kong

Special Interest Group in Security & Information InteGrity Singapore