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HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia (Day 1)

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia (Day 2)

Registration for HITBSecConf2009 - Dubai is also now open.


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The objectives of the game is for teams (maximum of 3 participants per team) to gain as many points as possible by defending their servers, and attacking other teams servers. Teams will be given identical pre-configured vmware image of a Gentoo Linux installation. There will be custom services running on the server. This services contain vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows, format string and so on. The teams objective is to analyze the services, find vulnerabilities and write exploits. As such, the following skills are needed:

- Reverse engineering
- Binary analysis
- Debugging
- Exploit writing

The ability to write a working exploit will enable the team to attack other servers, retrieving the flag associated with each service running on the server and thus scoring an offensive point. The ability to keep the services running will enable the teams to score a defensive point.


Offensive Points: Gained by hacking into other team’s server and retrieving their flags.
Defensive Points: Gained by keeping your server’s services running.

In order to score an offensive point, all that a team needs to do is hack into other team’s server, retrieve the flag, and submit it to the score server. In order to get defensive score, teams must keep their services running and accessible to the ScoreBot. The ScoreBot will periodically connect to the teams server and perform either two actions: set new flags on the services and/or retrieve flags from the services. Failure of the ScoreBot to complete either of these 2 actions when it connects will result in point deductions.

More points are given for offensive attacks as opposed to defensive score. Defensive scores are the same for all services, while offensive scores vary depending on the complexity level of the exploit needed to hack the service. During the course of the game, the score server will randomly set new flags on each teams services. This means that a service can have as many as 10 unique flags throughout the game - so if a particular team has an exploit against this service, they can get 10 times the points multiplied by the number of teams.

Bonus Points

This year, other than just attacking and defending their own servers, a separate server will be setup for the teams. This server will be hosting a set of binaries to be reversed and in order to download the binaries, the participants will need to get through some challenges for them to get the download links for the binaries. The challenges to get the binaries can be anything from as simple as deobfuscating a javascript to something much harder than that. Reversing the binaries is another way to earn points for the CTF and eventually winning the game. The binaries will either be for Windows or Linux. A successful attempt at reversing the binaries for the flags hardcoded in it will earn the team bonus points.

Registered Teams

1.) Proj3ct 7ango (MALAYSIA)
2.) f.n0rd (MALAYSIA) - PULLED OUT
3.) Warning2JC (KOREA)
4.) PadoLoveDokdo (KOREA)
5.) e1ght (SINGAPORE)
6.) Blue Moon (VIETNAM)
7.) Bandwidth Killers (SINGAPORE)
8.) Metaspin (KOREA)
10.) MitDac (VIETNAM)


- No flooding and/or DoS attack. Players will be penalized by disqualification, points deduction or time penalty.
- No harassment of other opponents.
- All participants must obey PIT STOP calls. PIT STOP calls are rest intervals where all players must leave the game area to facilitate for the CtF judges to update the score, and/or do maintenance work etc.

Prizes - Sponsored by Sourcefire

1st Place - MYR3000
2nd Place - MYR2000
3rd Place - MYR1000

Final Judgement

At all times, the decision of the CtF Organizing Team is final on any matter in question.

Source Code

The CTF organizing team reserve the rights to release or not to release the source code of the services during the game.


The HITBSecConf organizing committe would like to give shoutouts, ninja greetz and ghetto loves to The Ghetto Hackers, who came out with the attack and defense concept for the CtF game. Much love also to the current organizers of Defcon’s CTF, kenshoto!

Event Organizer

Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Supported & Endorsed By

Malaysian National Computer Confederation

Multimedia Development Corporation

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Titanium Sponsor (Post Conference Reception)

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Metro-e and Official Bandwidth Sponsor

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Virus Bulletin

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XAKEP (Russia)

Supporting Organizations

Professional Information Security Association - Hong Kong

Special Interest Group in Security & Information InteGrity Singapore