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HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia (Day 1)

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia (Day 2)

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TECH TRAINING 2 - Bluetooth, RFID & Wireless Hacking

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Title: Bluetooth, RFID & Wireless Hacking
Trainers: Andrew ‘Q’ Righter (HacDC) and King Tuna
Capacity: 25 pax
Seats Left: 2
Duration: 2 days
Cost: (per pax) MYR3299 (early bird) / MYR3899(non early-bird)



Below 2.4GHz (802.11) there is a wealth of spectrum currently being used today by thousands of applications, hundreds of protocols and a plethora of different hardware and security implementations. This 2 day course aims to demystify the security of Bluetooth, RFID and Wireless Networks. Attendees will first obtain detailed theoretical analysis of different wireless security schemas (i.e. Theory), thereafter have hands on experience in how the attacks are performed (i.e. Practical).

Day 1

Introduction to Wireless Hacking

Wireless and its technology usage
Wireless networking breakdown
Security of wireless and progression
What is wardriving?
Attacking wireless brief

Wireless Protocols and Architecture

Analysis of various wireless protocols
Wireless architecture and design
802.11 Protocol Analysis

Network Mapping and Methodology for securing wireless networks

Discovery of wireless networks

Antenna variations
Monitoring the wireless network, including packet analysis
Various toolsets including Netstumbler, Kismet, the Aero suites and so fourth

Wireless hacking tools and attacks

Traffic injection tools
Aircrack and Aero suite of tools
WEP hacking cracking
WPA, WPA2 hacking techniques
Frame generation

Defending against wireless hacking

Site layout and planning
Improving your wireless systems against hacker attacks

Bluetooth vulnerabilities overview

The Snarfing attack
The Bluebug attack
The backdoor attack

Bluetooth hacking tools and techniques

BTscan , Bluestumbler , Bluescan , BT Browser
Blueprinting (SDP tool)
Brute force discovery - Redfang

Defending against Bluetooth attacks

Bluetooth recommendations
Standard organizations practice
The future for Bluetooth security and implementations

Day 2

The second day of our two part training is meant to get you up-to-speed on some of the alternative wireless (RF) technologies that are prevalent today. We’re going to take a hands-on approach and half the day will be spent with lectures ranging from a complete introduction into radio frequency and RF electronics to the world of RFID/Prox security cards and its technical details. After the lectures we will then get into groups to work on a series of labs designed to take the knowledge you learned earlier and apply it as if you were in a researcher position. Completion of the lab will have you analyzing RF spectrums, pin-pointing modulation schemes, decoding transmissions between RFID communications and much more.

Advanced RF Analysis Lab and Lecture

Lecture 1: Radio Frequency
Lecture 2: RFID/Prox Security Systems
Lab 1: Introducing the Proxmark 3
How to Build
How to Configure
Writing Software
Analyzing High Frequency / Low Frequency
Sniffing Data
Tag Emulation Mode
Protocol Analysis

Lab 2: Building a simple RFID circuit
Hardware Essentials
Process of building a circuit
Components of an RF circuit
Debugging / Troubleshooting Your Circuit

Lab 3: External antenna modification for bluetooth adapters
Locating the correct pads
Choosing the right connector
Testing signal strength

About the trainers
Andrew ‘Q’ Righter

Andrew “Q” Righter is a security consultant by day who loves to develop new and interesting ways to learn about technology, then teach it. Although most of his professional time is spent developing security tools, he always manages to find himself working on the more unique problems that arise. While currently founding HacDC - a not-for-profit hacker space open for use in the D.C. area - he has been spending time trying to coordinate events and projects that revolve around the areas of both software and hardware hacking. Andrew has been attending conferences since 2003 and since has spoken at Blackhat, Hack in the Box and HackCon as well as running workshops at Shmoocon, Defcon and HOPE.

King Tuna

King Tuna is an Independent Wireless researcher. He has worked with many companies in the past providing general support and training. Some companies he has worked for include Wardriving world, Antenna World, and Simple WiFi. He has setup community wide hotspot services in Miami and is known for using open source projects to maintain high availability, scalability, and security for wireless networking.

Event Organizer

Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Supported & Endorsed By

Malaysian National Computer Confederation

Multimedia Development Corporation

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Titanium Sponsor (Post Conference Reception)

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Metro-e and Official Bandwidth Sponsor

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Virus Bulletin

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Professional Information Security Association - Hong Kong

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