Minghang Shen

He focused on the research of IOT and Android security, cracked a variety of smart devices in Tianfu Cup, was awarded the Hall of Fame in GeekPwn 2020 & 2021, and he has publiced his work on ACM CCS 2022.

Jyoti Raval

Jyoti Raval works as Staff Product Security Engineer at Harness. She is responsible for securing product end-to-end and involved in various phases of security life cycle. She is author of tool phishing simulation assessment and presented before at Defcon, BlackHat, Nullcon and Infosec Girls. She also heads OWASP Pune chapter.

Bhargava Shastry

Bhargava Shastry is a security engineer at the Ethereum foundation. He spends most of his work time finding interesting ways to fuzz test the Solidity compiler-optimizer. He holds a Ph.D. from TU Berlin where he spent 5 wonderful years researching new ways to probe for security vulnerabilities in open source software.

Shuo Wang

I am responsible for building CWPP security capabilities and helping cloud tenants deal with external attacks. Good at cloud security, host security, data analysis, malicious text detection and other fields. I haveย  spoken at security conferences such as Xcon.

Zoltan Balazs

Zoltan (@zh4ck) is the Head of Vulnerability Research at CUJO AI, a company focusing on home IoT Security. Before joining CUJO AI he worked as a CTO for an AV tester company, an IT Security expert in the financial industry for five years, and as a senior IT security consultant at one of the Big […]

Thomas Weber

Thomas is co-founder and security researcher at CyberDanube in the field of embedded systems, (I)IoT and OT and wrote numerous security advisories in the past. Besides his past employment, he developed an emulation system for firmware in the course of scientific work. In the past, he spoke at conferences like HITB, BlackHat, IT-SECX, HEK.SI and […]

Yi Sun

Yi Sun a security R&D engineer with 12 years of experience. He is now a security research in Alibaba Cloud. The main job is to design and develop the detection engine. Including the development of text-based sandboxes such as Webshell and malicious scripts. Yi Sun active in the bbs.pediy.com community as an expert member (ID: […]

Wang Zeyu

Wang Zeyu, a white hat security researcher form Wuheng Lab and a former senior engineer of OPPO ZIWU CYBER SECURITY LAB, is dedicated to the research on security vulnerabilities and privacy issues of Android applications and Internet of things devices. He has contributed a lot of vulnerabilities for mobile Internet applications and mobile phone manufacturers. […]

Dr. Bai Guangdong

Dr. Bai Guangdong is a faculty member at The University of Queensland. He received his PhD degree from National University of Singapore in 2015. His research interest spans across the broad areas of mobile security, web security, and protocol verification. During his previous research, he has worked on analyzing authentication protocol implementation, online payment, and […]

Zhang Qing

Zhang Qing is a senior security researcher and privacy security expert. Previously, he was a visiting scholar of Model Checking Lab in National University of Singapore. His interests include Android security, IoT security and payment security, specializing in privacy security, reverse engineering and fuzzing. He is a holder of international Privacy Technology Certification certificate(CIPT) and […]