Dr Kailong Wang

Dr. Wang Kailong is currently a research fellow at National University of Singapore (NUS). He received his PhD degree from School of Computing NUS in 2022. He has worked as a Research Assistant in NUS while pursuing his PhD degree from 2016 to 2021. His research interests include mobile and web security and privacy, and […]

Gal Diskin

Mr. Gal Diskin is a cybersecurity and AI researcher. He was previously the VP & head of Palo Alto Networks’ Israeli site, and is a serial entrepreneur. Mr. Diskin’s research has been featured in HITB, Defcon, Black Hat, CCC, and other conferences, spanning fields from low level security research such as hardware vulnerabilities, binary instrumentation, […]

Kevin Chen

Huajiang โ€œKevin2600โ€ Chen (Twitter: @kevin2600) is a senior security researcher. He mainly focuses on vulnerability research in wireless and Vehicle security. He is a winner of GeekPwn 2020 and also made to the Tesla hall of fame 2021. Kevin2600 has spoken at various conferences including KCON; DEFCON and CANSECWEST.

Li Siwei

Li Siwei is a security researcher. He specializes in Big data analysis and AI Security.

Rahul Sasi

Rahul Sasi is an Indian entrepreneur, Founder of CloudSEK, and a security expert. He was voted as the top influential Cyber Security person in 2015, he has made a significant open source contribution to the security landscape and is an invited speaker to over 20+ countries. He is part of the working committees of RBI […]

Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh is working as a Senior Security Engineer at CloudSEK. His main responsibility includes handling the Research & Development of CloudSEK ASM. He loves automating manual effort tasks, and also likes net surfing & exploring new places in his free time.

Javan Rasokat

Javan works as a senior application security specialist and supports software development teams in securing the software development cycle. On the side, he teaches Secure Coding at DHBW University. Javan made his way into security through his keen interest in online gaming, where he soon began automating bots and reporting security vulnerabilities he found. He […]

Yue Liu

Yue Liu is a security researcher at QiAnXin Technology Research Institute, and the team leader of QiAnXin TianGong Lab. He and his team has published their work in the top security academic conferences including Usenix 2021ใ€EuroS&P 2022ใ€ACM CCS 2022ใ€‚

Juyang Gao

Mainly focused on the security of embedded devices, and had found multiple vulnerabilities in routers, cameras, drones, firewalls, printers and other devices.

Min Li

Graduated from Xiamen University, now works at Qi An Xin Technology Group.ย  2021 msrc top 50 and 2021 Geekpwn top 1.