HITBSecConf – QUAD TRACK (19th & 20th May 2011)

Day 1 (19th May) Keynote Speaker

Keynote 1: Joe Sullivan (Chief Security Officer, Facebook)

Day 2 (20th May) Keynote Panel Discussion
“The Economics of Vulnerabilities”

Keynote Panelist 1: Lucas Adamski (Director of Security Engineering, Mozilla Corp)
Keynote Panelist 2: Steve Adegbite (Senior Security Strategist, Adobe Systems Inc.)
Keynote Panelist 3: Aaron Portnoy (Manager, Security Research Team, TippingPoint Technologies)
Keynote Panelist 4: Adrian Stone (Director of Security Response, BlackBerry / RIM)
Keynote Panelist 5: Chris Evans (Information Security Engineer/Troublemaker/Chrome Security, Google Corp)
Keynote Panelist 6: Katie Moussouris (Senior Security Strategist, Microsoft Security Response Center)

Moderator: Dhillon ‘l33tdawg’ Kannabhiran (Founder/CEO, Hack In The Box)

Conference Speakers (alphabetical order)

1.) Adam Laurie (Director, Aperture Labs)
2.) Aditya K. Sood (Founder, SecNiche)
3.) Andreas Wiegenstein (Team Lead, CodeProfiler Research Labs, Virtual Forge)
4.) Andrew Gavin (Creator, OpenDLP)
5.) Asia Slowinska (Independent Security Researcher, Vrije Universiteit)
6.) Bert Hubert (CEO, PowerDNS / Principal Security Consultant, Fox-IT)
7.) Claudio Criscione (Security Test Engineer, Google Corp)
8.) Daniel Mende (ERNW)
9.) Daniele Bianco (Inverse Path)
10.) Didier Stevens (Security Consultant, Contraste Europe NV)
11.) Don A. Bailey (Security Consultant, iSEC Partners)
12.) Elena Kropochkina (Devoteam Security)
13.) Elger ‘Stitch’ Jonker (Hack42)
14.) Enno Rey (ERNW)
15.) Epto (Independent Security Researcher)
16.) Frank Breedijk (Security Engineer, Schuberg Philis)
17.) Guillaume Delugré (Sogeti / ESEC)
18.) Guillaume Prigent (Founder/CTO diateam)
19.) Itzik Kotler (CTO, Security Art)
20.) Itzhak ‘Zuk’ Avraham (Founder, Zimperium)
21.) Ivan Ristić (Qualys SSL Labs)
22.) Jean-Baptiste Bédrune (Sogeti / ESEC)
23.) Jean Sigwald (Sogeti / ESEC)
24.) Jim Geovedi (Independent Researcher)
25.) Jim Manico (Managing Partner, Infrared Security)
26.) Joffrey Czarny (Devoteam Security)
27.) Laurent Oudot (Founder, TEHTRI Security)
28.) Maarten Oosterink (Managing Consultant, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Capgemini)
29.) Mariano Nuñez Di Croce (Director of R&D, Onapsis)
30.) Martin Knobloch (Security Specialist, PervaSec.nl)
31.) Michael Sandee (Principal Security Expert, Fox-IT)
32.) Mitja Kolsek (CTO, ACROS Security)
33.) Raoul Chiesa (UNICRI / ISECOM)
34.) Rosario Valotta (Tentacolo Viola)
35.) Shreeraj Shah (Founder, BlueInfy)
36.) Stefan Esser (Head of R&D, SektionEins GmbH)
37.) Thomas Caplin (Sogeti / ESEC)
38.) Travis Goodspeed (GoodFET Project)

DAY 1 CLOSING – OpenLeaks Exclusive by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

DAY 2 CLOSING – Richard Thieme (Founder, ThiemeWorks)