Jim Geovedi (Independent Researcher)

Presentation Title Hacking a Bird in the Sky: The Revenge of Angry Birds
Presentation Abstract

Since the mid 1950s, satellite systems have made enormous advances in capability and performance. Satellite communication services have become integral to our society. Unfortunately, security has not kept pace where the current systems are vulnerable to a variety of attacks. This is the latest update of Hacking a Bird in the Sky series and will discuss about important security issues on ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and private banking networks using satellite networks (based on real-life cases in Indonesia), also the possible evasion techniques for channel estimation and single stage multiuser detector for asynchronous satellite communications for detecting rogue users will be presented.

Note: Presenting with Raoul Chiesa

About Jim Geovedi

Jim Geovedi is a classic grindcore/death-metal fan who happen to work and spent over a decade in the field of information security specialise in network and application security assessment across a broad range of technologies and platforms. For his publication of satellite hacking in 2006, BBC dubbed him as a guy who doesn’t look like a Bond villain, but possesses secrets that some of them might kill for. He is also a prolific Techno music producer, DJ and has been repeatedly nominated in several awards.

About Raoul

Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa was born in Torino, Italy, in 1973. After being among the first italian hackers back in the 90′s (1986-1995), Raoul decided to move to professional InfoSec, founding in 1997 @ Mediaservice.net Srl, a vendor-neutral and well known security consulting company. The company operates worldwide, being as well the oldest ISECOM Training Partner for the OPST, OPSA, OPSE and OWSE international security certifications. The company’s Red Team held also the following industry certifications: PCI-DSS QSA, PCI DSS ASV, ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor, CISA, CISSP, ITIL, SANS GCFA, ECCE.

Raoul is among the founder members of CLUSIT – the Italian Information Security Association – and he is a Board of Directors member at ISECOM, CLUSIT, OWASP Italian Chapter, Italian Privacy Observatory (AIP/OPSI). Both Raoul and its security team work on research areas such as X.25 and PSDN networks, VoIp Security, Malware Analysis, Social Engineering, SCADA & Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Satellite communication, Mobile Security, SS7 threats and much more.

Since 2003 he started its cooperation with the UN agency “”UNICRI”” (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), working on “”HPP””, the Hackers Profiling Project run by ISECOM and UNICRI (HITB is a partner of the HPP project); in 2005 he has been official recognized by UNICRI’s Director, Mr. Sandro Calvani, as a cybercrime advisor. Nowadays his role at UNICRI is “”Senior Advisor, Strategic Alliances and Cybercrime Issues””.