The official hash tag for HITBSecConf2010 - Amsterdam is #HITB2010AMS
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HITB2010 Amsterdam is over!!! Thank you for your support!

Our first ever HITBSecConf in Europe is over! A big big thank you to all our sponsors, speakers, crew, volunteers and of course attendees who made it over to join us!!! We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did in putting it together! We’re already planning for 2011 and the tentative timing is mid May (stay tuned to our @hitbsecconf twitter stream for all conference updates).

Conference materials can be downloaded from and photos from the event will be released on in about 2 weeks time.

Post Conference Press Coverage (Mainstream Media)

Forbes (USA): How To Hijack Steve Jobs’ Next Presentation

WinFuture (Poland): Konferenz: Hacker drohte Festnahme wegen Vortrag,56697.html

terChannel (Germany): Sicherheits-Experten droht Gefängnis, wenn er plaudert

Slashdot (International): Wireless Presenters Attacked Using an Arduino

Interia (Poland): Tajemniczy atak na bankomaty,1503823,62

Slashdot (International): ATM Vendors Threaten, Stop Research Presentation

ITWeb (South Africa): Vendors block ATM hack demo

The H (Germany): Security expert once more threatened with arrest for giving talk

Heise Newsticker (Germany): Erneut Sicherheitsexperte wegen Vortrag mit Festnahme bedroht

The Register (UK): ATM hack presentation ditched after legal threats

One More Thing (Netherlands): Belg vindt groot gat in beveiliging OS X

Help Net Security (International): ATM vendors threaten researcher, stop his presentation on ATM flaws (Netherlands): Satellieten kwetsbaar voor hackers

Softpedia (International): Security Expert Pulls Presentation After Legal Threats

Virushrado (Hungary): Feltörés? Mutatom!

De Gelderlander (Netherlands): Huisarts regio vóór digitaal dossier

Geenstijl (The Netherlands): MacOS X nu echt kutter dan Windows 7

De Beveiligingsupdate #71 (The Netherlands) – Didier Stevens en OWASP (#HITB2010AMS) (The Netherlands): Hacker zegt presentatie af om bedreiging door banken

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Banken bedreigen hacker wegens lek in geldautomaten

Web Wereld (The Netherlands): Banken bedreigen beveiligingsonderzoeker (The Netherlands): Unlockprocedure Windows 7 te omzeilen via DMA-aanval (The Netherlands): Mozilla verhoogt beloning voor lekvinders

Web Wereld (The Netherlands): Hackers schieten gaten in MacOS X

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Mozilla geeft hackers 2.400 euro voor Firefox-lekken (The Netherlands): ‘Bug in IOKit verleent hacker root-toegang op Mac OS X’

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Microsoft wil WK voor hackers (The Netherlands): Beveiligingsbedrijf toont lekken in smartphonesoftware (The Netherlands): ‘Wifi-netwerk Thalys-treinen is slecht beveiligd’

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Internet in Thalys kwetsbaar voor hackers (The Netherlands): Hacker presenteert goedkope netwerkbeveiliging

Security.NL (The Netherlands): “Netwerkbeveiliging te duur en fundamenteel stuk”

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Gonggrijp – Hackers moeten internet redden

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Apple IOKit goudmijn voor hackers

Security.NL (The Netherlands): Windows 7 64-bit te hacken via PCMCIA-kaart

Post Conference Press Coverage (Blogs)

Anton Chuvakin: HITB 2010 Amsterdam Awesomeness

Maltego Beta Blogger: Community Edition and HITB feedback

/dev/random » Censorship Does Not Increase Security!

Niels Teusink: Hacking wireless presenters with an Arduino and Metasploit

SecurityBananas: HITB2010AMS Day Two: Keynote by Mark Curphey

SecurityBananas: Malware analysis with IOactive Malnet two

SecurityBananas: Web in the middle attacks

SecurityBananas: From Russia with love part 2

SecurityBananas: Breaking virtualization by switching to virtual 8086 mode

SecurityBananas: Keynote 1: Security Chasm – HITBAMS2010

Miguel Almeida: Hack in The Box: Mais uma revista sobre segurançaça.html

/dev/random: Hack in the Box Day #1 Wrap Up

/dev/random: Hack in the Box Day #2 Wrap Up HitB2010Ams – Hack in the Box, the different conference

Mission Security (French): [HITB Conference] Day 1

Mission Security (French): [HITB Conference] Day 2 HitB2010Ams – XProbe-NG: Building efficient Network Discovery Tools HitB2010Ams – Maltego 3 – Start your Engines HitB2010Ams – Ten Crazy Ideas That Might Actually Change the State of Information Security

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