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The conference agenda and speaker line up for HITBSecConf2007 - Malaysia has been finalized. Below are the list of confirmed presentations:

Day 1 Keynote - 5th September 2007

  • Honeynet Project: Latest Research - Lance Spitzner (Founder, Honeynet Project)
  • Online Crime and Crime Online - Mikko Hypponen (Chief Research Officer, F-Secure Corp)
  • Day 2 Keynote - 6th September 2007

  • The Rise and Fall of Information Security in the Western World - Mark ‘Phiber Optik’ Abene (Former Member of LOD / MOD)
  • The Evolution of Hacking - Emmanuel Goldstein (Founder, 2600)
  • Conference Day 1 - 5th September 2007

  • Injecting RDS-TMC Traffic Information Signals - How to Freak Out Your Sat Nav System - Andrea Barisani (Chief Security Engineer, Inverse Path Ltd) and Daniele Bianco (Hardware Hacker, Inverse Path Ltd)
  • State of Security - Andrew Cushman (Senior Director, Microsoft Security Response and Community, Microsoft Corp)
  • Attacking Cisco Network Admission Control – NAC@ACK - Michael Thumann (Chief Security Officer, ERNW GmbH) and Dror-John Roecher (Senior Security Consultant, ERNW GmbH)
  • Hacking SCADA – How to 0wn Critical National Infrastructure - Raoul Chiesa (Board of Directors member @Mediaservice.net, ISECOM Group and TSTF) and Alessio L.R. Pennasilico aka Mayhem (Security Evangelist, Alba S.T. s.r.l.)
  • Exploiting the Intranet With a Webpage - Is JavaScript the New Shellcode? - Martin Johns (University of Hamburg, Faculty of Informatics)
  • WabiSabiLabi - The Exploit Marketplace - Roberto Preatoni (Director of Strategy, WabiSabiLabi & Founder, Zone-H Defacement Mirror)
  • Meta Anti Forensics: The HASH Hacking Harness - The Grugq (Independent Network Security Specialist)
  • Advanced Web Application and Database Threat Analysis with MatriXay - Frank Yuan Fan (Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DBAPPSecurity)
  • Physical Security: Past, Present and Future - Deviant Olam, Eric Michaud & Q (Members of TOOL USA)
  • 360° Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection - Dr. Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano T.U.
  • High Security Locks - Illusion or Reality? - Marc Weber Tobias (Investigative Attorney and Security Specialist)
  • Insider Threat Visualization - Raffael Marty (Manager, Strategic Application Solutions @ ArcSight Inc.)
  • Conference Day 2 - 6th September 2007

  • Hacking the Bluetooth Stack for Fun, Fame and Profit - Dino Covotsos (Managing Director, Telespace Systems)
  • Tools and Strategies for Securing a Large Development Project - Window Snyder (Chief Security Something or Other, Mozilla Corporation)
  • Hacking Biometric Systems - Starbug (Independent Security Researcher)
  • Protocol Fuzzing - Luiz Eduardo (Senior Systems & Security Engineer, Mu Security)
  • Hacking Hardened and Secured Oracle Servers - Alexander Kornbrust (Founder, Red Database Security GmbH)
  • Enterprise Hacking: Who Needs Exploit Codes? - Fetri Miftach (Principal Consultant, PT Bellua Asia Pacific) and Jim Geovedi (Security Consultant, PT Bellua Asia Pacific)
  • Slipping Past The Firewall - Billy K. Rios (Senior Researcher, VeriSign) and Nathan McFeters (Senior Security Advisor, Ernst & Young Advanced Security Center)
  • An End-to-End Analysis of Securing Networked CCTV Systems - Sarb Sembhi (Chief Technology Officer, Securityw0rk5)
  • Attack Surface of Modern Applications - Felix ‘fx’ Lindner (Founder, Recurity Labs GmbH)
  • Googling for Malware and Bugs - Dr. Jose Nazario (Senior Security Engineer, Arbor Networks)
  • The Computer Forensics Challenge and Anti-Forensics Techniques - Domingo Montanaro (Information Security Specialist and Computer Forensics Expert) and Rodrigo Rubira Branco (IBM, Brazil)
  • Hacking Ajax and Web Services – Next Generation Web Attacks on the Rise - Shreeraj Shah (Director, BlueInfy)

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