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Sarb Sembhi (Chief Technology Officer, Securityw0rk5)

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Presentation Title: An End-to-End Analysis of Securing Networked CCTV Systems
Presentation Details:

This session will look at every component of a Wireless Camera and PTZ Camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) on a networked CCTV System from end to end. This includes all hardware (includes middleware, as well as the chips), software and protocols that can be considered as components of the overall system. The talk will identify similarities and differences with components used in other embedded devices and their existing vulnerabilities on some part of the end-to-end CCTV system. The talk will give sample setups that are recommended by various manufacturers, and those that are used, identifying weak points. The talk will also cover some of the human aspects of the systems, and where manufacturers of hardware and software are taking Law Enforcement with their technology, showing why this technology is one of the most exciting technologies to be converged and what re the scary bits that this may leads us into. This talk will look at securing some of the vulnerabilities that exist.

Things that will be covered:

  • Introduction to CCTV systems / technical background
  • Role of CCTV Systems in Law Enforcement
  • Vulnerabilities in Implementations

    About Sarb

    Until the end of 2006 Sarb was Head of Security Practice for a London based consultancy working in the Finance sector. Since then he has been leading a new consultancy Securityw0rk5, which purchased a Reseller (Alien8 Security – where he is the acting CTO, until a new one is recruited), where he has rebranded the company to target services for Security Professionals. Previously, Sarb worked researching into the vulnerabilities of networked based CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems, during this time he advised on specifying secure networked CCTV systems; securing existing systems; speaking to Police and Local Authority professionals.

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