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Tactical Hacking Essentials by Orange Cyberdefense

This course stems out of the security assessments we've been providing our clients over the last 21 years. You get hands on with active organisational environments and gain the required experience to take this to the field.




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DATE: 22-25 August 2022

TIME: 09:00 to 17:00 SGT/GMT +8

Date Day Time Duration
22 Aug Monday 09:00 to 17:00 SGT/GMT +8 8 Hours
23 Aug Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00 SGT/GMT +8 8 Hours
24 Aug Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00 SGT/GMT +8 8 Hours
25 Aug Thursday 09:00 to 17:00 SGT/GMT +8 8 Hours


Are you looking to leap into a penetration testing career and gain essential practical hacking skills? Then this course is for you! This extremely hands-on course is designed to provide you with a complete overview and methodology to start a career in penetration testing. Our core methodologies are instilled throughout this course. You’ll be taken on an immersive journey into the day-to-day tactical operations of a penetration tester.

The course starts off with fundamental security knowledge to provide you with a solid technical base to build upon. The attack model starts from an external perspective with the main objective of taking over an organization.
You’ll be exposed to open-source intelligence gathering techniques, external and web application hacking skills and working your way into an organization, ending with advanced internal network compromises and objective completion. Throughout the course you will gain actual attacker skills and knowledge to apply in real-world scenarios.

Topics covered:
  • History and fundamentals of hacking
  • Methodologies used by active penetration testers
  • Open-source intelligence gathering
  • External infrastructure hacking techniques
  • Web application hacking techniques
  • Enterprise infrastructure hacking techniques
  • Active Directory based attacks
  • Business critical system compromises and actions on objectives
  • Further learning and skills advancement for a career in hacking


Join us and hack hard!


National University Singapore

Dr. Wang Kailong is currently a research fellow at National University of Singapore (NUS). He received his PhD degree from School of Computing NUS in 2022. He has worked as a Research Assistant in NUS while pursuing his PhD degree from 2016 to 2021. His research interests include mobile and web security and privacy, and protocol verification. His works have appeared in the top conferences such as WWW and MobiCom.

Co-Founder & CTO


Mr. Gal Diskin is a cybersecurity and AI researcher. He was previously the VP & head of Palo Alto Networks’ Israeli site, and is a serial entrepreneur. Mr. Diskin’s research has been featured in HITB, Defcon, Black Hat, CCC, and other conferences, spanning fields from low level security research such as hardware vulnerabilities, binary instrumentation, and car hacking to high level research on AI detection methods, Enterprise security, and Identity security. Mr. Diskin was also the technical lead and co-founder of Intel’s software security organization, as well as the CTO of Cyvera and HeXponent (co-founder) before their acquisition.

Senior Security Researcher

Huajiang “Kevin2600” Chen (Twitter: @kevin2600) is a senior security researcher. He mainly focuses on vulnerability research in wireless and Vehicle security. He is a winner of GeekPwn 2020 and also made to the Tesla hall of fame 2021. Kevin2600 has spoken at various conferences including KCON; DEFCON and CANSECWEST.

Why You Should Take This Course

This course stems out of the security assessments we’ve been providing our clients over the last 21 years. You get hands on with active organisational environments and gain the required experience to take this to the field.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for:
  • Technical managers wanting to gain a better understanding of what the findings in the reports mean.
  • Testers and defenders wanting to learn how hackers are gaining access to networks.
  • Penetration testers who are new to network penetration testing
  • Those who wish to brush up on effective ways to pwn companies from the net and internally.

Key Learning Objectives

[“Attacking large scale internal infrastructure”,”Finding internal vulnerabilities and exploiting them”,”How active directory networks can be abused to suit your needs”]

Prerequisite Knowledge

A basic/entry-level understanding of organisational networks (Windows networks) and security would be beneficial.

Hardware / Software Requirements

Computer with access to the Internet. Firefox browser.