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AUG 25 - 26 // in-person



Come say hi to Singapore's own Div0 community - they provide a platform where cybersecurity professionals, practitioners, and enthusiasts can meet like-minded people, explore and learn with peers, and contribute to the community.


YesWeHack is Bug Bounty's #1 European platform, connecting over >40,000 ethical hackers around the world and organizations of all sizes and industries to search for vulnerabilities (bugs) in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure and objects connected, and secure their exposed perimeters.


Hunt bugs to win cash bounties! Across both days, bug bounty hunters will get the chance to stress test an organisation’s security parameters in order to win cash prizes. Come by to learn more and sign-up for this year’s Live Bug Bounty by YesWeHack at HITB!.



Visit the Phosphorus booth to learn about their remediation platform that finds every Thing, fixes every Thing and brings every Thing into compliance.


LockSport SG is a lockpicking hobby group based in Singapore where they will be showcasing various lockpick tools, techniques and security locks. They have also conducted seminars/events within Singapore and overseas, along with being featured on the local news. Attendees can challenge themselves at picking locks of different difficulty levels.


Come by the CREST booth to learn how their Asia Council work towards building capability, capacity, consistency and community in the region and the global cyber security industry. And watch highlights from their recent CRESTCon UK 2022 here


Crypto CTF is where you don't capture flags, but actual wallets containing real prizes. Come by to join this first ever Crypto CTF authentically run by collective of hacker and cryptographers!


CloudSEK is a contextual AI company that predicts Cyber Threats. At CloudSEK, we combine the power of Cyber Intelligence, Brand Monitoring, Attack Surface monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring and Supply chain Monitoring to give context to our customers’ digital risks. Our single unified dashboard allows customers to triage and visualize all digital threats in one place. We also offer workflows and integrations to manage and remediate the identified threats..



Wanna learn how to hack a car? Come by the Car Hacking Village where folks from Div0's Car Security Quarter will show you how to get started!


Try your hand at drone hacking and tracking! This year's Drone Hacking Village introduces different types of UAVs, eg small drones and FPV devices.




The Microsoft Security Response Center is part of the defender community and on the front line of security response evolution. For over twenty years, we have been engaged with security researchers working to protect customers and the broader ecosystem.

Crowdfense is a world-leading vulnerability research hub, engineered from the ground up to serve institutional Customers and cyber-security Researchers alike.

With Crowdfense's dedicated technical and organizational support, Researchers can achieve the best returns on their work and Customers the best returns on their investment.

As offensive security experts, watchTowr has spent years simulating some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber adversaries and helped secure some of the most extensive and high-profile attack surfaces. Accredited by global industry bodies, the watchTowr team holds world-class offensive security knowledge and capability.