Yann Allain Head of Cybersecurity Unit, Serma Safety and Security

Yann is a Dad, Science & techno Geek, Hacker (old one with grey hair!), Former CEO (Opale Security), Quantum Computing addict (as for now), DIY enthusiast, DIYBio, electronic and IT Engineer, IT security guy.

During the day, Yann ALLAIN Is also the head of cybersecurity consulting business unit of Serma Safety and Security. he works in the security industry since 25 years. At night, he is a speaker & a trainer in numerous security conference (BHUSA 2012, BHUSA 2016 Training, HIBT AMS 2016, CSAW 2017, Hack in Paris 2016 (training).

Yann have participated to Hardsploit hardware hacking tool & project (Hardsploit.io)

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