COMMSEC: Practical Quantum Computing for Hackers Without a PhD


In this presentation, you will follow my humble journey within the strangeness of the quantum computing (QC) world with security in mind and without any PhD in the domain.

Quantum computing begins to attract a large press coverage since several months. Main GAFAs and other well knows Research labs try to take the lead on this race. Quantum technology is often presented as a new exponential computing power for IT. Exponential calculating power? What does it mean for security guys? Threats and opportunities as usual.

Through our recent Quantum mechanics and Quantum computing practical experiments we’ve have made, we would like to share with the audience some facts (and not FUD) about this amazing new computing technology that works in a different and weird manner. Can QC can really break RSA? Does it offer a marvelous cryptographic avenue for un-hackable cryptographic protocol or Key distribution systems? How does the hardware of existent quantum computer works? How do you program it?

We will try to answer all of these questions during the presentation by practical experiments and live demos. It’s a quantum computing security talk with a practical approach!

Location: Track 4 / CommSec Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Yann Allain