Capture the Flag: On-Site Live Hacking Competition


What: Jeopardy style CTF hacking competition
When: April 12th & 13th 2018
Where: On site at HITB2018AMS @ NH Krasnapolsky
Max of 24 teams with up to 3 players / team

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It is time again for the Coolest Television Feature of the year: Catch The Fugitive!

The show that dares civilians to flee from creative teams formed by cunning, trained freelancers.

Now that we have completed the first round of selection and chosen the fortuitous few that get to challenge the fanatical chasers, it is time to collect their foes!

Do you and up to two friends think you have what it takes to join our Criminal Task Force as cyber tech & forensics specialists and show our contestants the futility of running?

Then send your application to Make sure you include your:

– Team name

– Country of  origin

– Team members details (name + email address for each member)

The live show will take place on April 12th-13, 2018 at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam.

This is a jeopardy-style CTF hacking competition with multiple categories of challenges, including: Binary, Web, Crypto, Network, Special, Misc, etc. jointly authored by the HITB NL CTF Team and Nu1L Team from XCTF League Community. The competition platform is supported by CyberPeace, the overall organizer of XCTF League.

The following teams have successfully registered:

  1. SectorC (NL)
  2. SectorC#  (NL)
  3. ZeroDays 1 (IE)
  4. ZeroDays 2 (IE)
  5. (NL)
  6. KITCTF (DE)
  7. 0ldEur0pe (DE)
  8. StratumAuhuur (DE)
  9. .elite (NL)
  10. D4rk4rm7 (KH)
  11. Hack.ERS (NL)
  12. 133713pwnies (NL)
  13. DCUA (UA)
  14. rudolfos (DE)
  15. atef00d (UK)
  16. From RU  (NL)
  17. Pirates (NL)
  18. Heap Heap Hooray  (NL)
  19. :Duurtlang (NL)
  20. Mad Goats. (NL)
  21. xSTF (PT)
  22. babysfy (NL)
  23. Bitflipper (DE)
  24. JD-3kaPig (CN)


1st Place – USD1500

2nd Place – USD1000

3rd Place  – USD500

The 1st place team will also be flown in to HITB GSEC Singapore (August 30th / 31st), to compete in an on-site Attack & Defense Style CTF.

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If you have any questions, please send an email to