HITBSecConf – QUAD TRACK (13th & 14th October 2010)

Day 1 (13th Oct) Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1: Chris Wysopal (CTO/Co-Founder, Veracode)
Keynote 2: Paul Vixie (President, ISC)

Day 2 (14th Oct) Special Keynote Panel Discussion
“The Future of Mobile Malware & Cloud Computing”

Keynote Panelist 1: Mikko Hypponen (Chief Research Officer, F-Secure Corp)
Keynote Panelist 2: Paul Ducklin (Head of Technology, Sophos Asia Pacific)
Keynote Panelist 3: Denis Maslennikov (Head, Mobile Research Group, Kaspersky Labs)
Keynote Panelist 4: Dr. Jose Nazario (Arbor Networks)

Moderator: Dr. Dinesh Nair

Conference Speakers (alphabetical order)

1.) Alexander Polyakov (CTO, Digital Security Company)
2.) Cedric Halbronn (Sogeti / ESEC)
3.) Claudio Criscione (Principal Consultant, Secure Network S.r.l.)
4.) Dennis Brown (Research Engineer, Tenable Network Security)
5.) Don Bailey (Security Consultant, iSEC Partners)
6.) Fabian Mihailowitsch (IT Security Consultant, cirosec GmbH)
7.) Jean-Baptise Bedrune (Sogeti / ESEC)
8.) Jean Sigwald (Sogeti / ESEC)
9.) Jonathan Brossard (CEO, Toucan Systems)
10.) Laurent Oudot (Founder, TEHTRI-Security)
11.) Long Le (VNSECURITY)
12.) Luis Corrons (Director of Research, PandaLabs)
13.) Marco Slaviero (Associate, SensePost)
14.) Mary Yeoh (Intel Corp)
15.) Meder Kydyraliev (Google Security Team)
16.) Mitja Kolsek (CTO, ACROS Security)
17.) Paul Sebastian Ziegler (Independent Network Security Researcher)
18.) Paul Thierault (Security Consultant, stratsec)
19.) Saumil Shah (Founder, Net-Square)
20.) Sean-Paul Correll (Threat Researcher, PandaLabs)
21.) Shreeraj Shah (Founder, BlueInfy)
22.) Thanh Nguyen (Red Dragon) (Intel Corp / VNSECURITY)
23.) The Grugq (Senior Security Researcher, COSEINC)