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TECH TRAINING 2 - Attacking & Defending Networks (Advanced Linux Edition)

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April 13, 2006

Title: Attacking & Defending Networks (Advanced Linux Edition)
Trainer: Nish Bhalla, (VP Consulting Solutions, Security Compass)
Capacity: 24 pax
Duration: 2 days
Cost: (per pax) RM2800 (early bird) / RM3200 (non early-bird)

Description of Class:

The purpose of this course is to provide advanced tech leads, testers, administrators, network administrators and all other participants detailed security techniques and knowledge as applied to Network security and Host Security.

It is focused towards helping users understand how to find and write basic stack based exploits. Participants will also learn how to take advantages of vulnerabilities that might exists in an environment and use backchannels to connect back into a network.

Hands-on lab exercises reinforce the course material in a real world environment.

Audience of the course:

The course will be beneficial to experienced security administrator, security auditor and/or security consultant. Knowledge of advanced UNIX and Windows would help make this course more beneficial to you.


Basic knowledge of programming on Windows or Linux is a pre-requisite. Having knowledge of using an editor like vi or Emacs and having the knowledge of compiled using Gcc / Visual Studio is a pre-requisite.


All students will be required to bring their own laptop; and must have administrative access on their laptops to install software. VM-Player (http://www.vmware.com/products/player/) will be installed. Windows/Linux images will be provided for use during the class. It is recommended that the laptops have 512 MB of RAM and 8GB of free disk space.

Recommended Reading:
This reading material is recommended reading and will help make the course more beneficial.

Smashing the stack for fun and profit : http://www.insecure.org/stf/smashstack.txt
Vi Reference: http://www.egr.up.edu/contrib/oster/vi-reference.pdf
Emacs Reference: http://www.cs.dal.ca/studentservices/refcards/emacs.pdf
The GCC / GDB / Quick Reference part: http://users.cs.dal.ca/~jost/4131/UnixProgrammingTools.pdf


All students will be provided printed material of the class slides and tools to download.

PART I – Introduction To Buffer Overflows [8 Hour]

Buffer Overflows [ Linux]
Basics of Stack
Assembly basics
Understand stack overflows
exploiting local stack overflows
writing a local stack overflow

PART II – Wireless [4 Hours ]

Basics of wireless hacking
How to Find Wireless Networks.
Setting up a Fake AP (Either on Linux / Linksys WRT54GL)

PART III – Network Scanning & Back Channels [ 2 Hours ]

Network Scanning & Hacking
Advanced Port / Network Scanning techniques
MITM Attacks
SSL MITM Attacks
SSH MITM Attacks
DNS Spoofing Attacks
Ettercap to the Rescue
TCP Hijacking

Back Channels [Methods of hiding and bypassing firewalls] [ 2 Hours]

Bash Shell Based Back Channels
XML Based Back channels
HTTP Based Back channels
MSN Based Back Channels

About the trainer:

Nishchal Bhalla, the Founder of Security Compass, is a specialist in product, code, web application, host and network reviews.

Nish has coauthored “Buffer Overflow Attacks: Detect, Exploit & Prevent” and is a contributing author for “Windows XP Professional Security”, “HackNotes: Network Security”, “Writing Security Tools and Exploits” and “Hacking Exposed: Web Applications, 2nd Edition”. Nish has also been involved in the open source projects such as YASSP and OWASP, and is the chair of the Toronto Chapter. He has also written articles for securityfocus and also spoken at web seminars for Global Knowledge and University of Florida.

He is a frequent speaker on emerging security issues. He has spoke at reputed Security Conferences such as at “Reverse Engineering Conference 2005″ in Montreal, the “HackInTheBox 2005″ in Malaysia and “ISC2’s Infosec Conference” in Las Vegas and New York. He also has created and taught the Exploiting & Defending Classes for Security Compass. Some of the upcoming conferences he is going to be speaking at are “ISC2’s Infosec Conference” in DC/Toronto, CSI’s NetSec conference in Arizona and Dallascon.

Prior to joining Security Compass, Nish was a Principal Consultant at Foundstone, where he performed numerous security reviews (Web Application / Code ) for major software companies, online banking and trading & e-commerce sites. He also helped develop and teach the “Secure Coding” class, the Ultimate Hacking, Ultimate Web Hacking and Ultimate Hacking Expert classes. Prior to working at Foundstone, Nish provided engineering and security consulting services as an independent consultant to a variety of organizations including Sun Microsystems, Lucent Technologies, TD Waterhouse & The Axa Group.

Nish holds his Masters in Parallel Processing from Sheffield University, is a post graduate in Finance from Strathclyde University and a Bachelor in Commerce from Bangalore University.

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