Fyodor Yarochkin

** Presenting with Meder Kydyraliev

Presentation Title: Hacking automation with STIF: A New Breath
Presentation Details:

The STIF framework (http://o0o.nu/sec/STIF) was originally developed by Fyodor and Meder and presented at HITB2004 in Kuala-Lumpur, now is extended with new features and bug fixes, web front-end, database support, distributed communication, new ‘plugin’ interfaces and libraries for plug-and-play toolsutomation. Fyodor and Meder will present their way of automated hacking with STIF and demonstrate how the tool could be used by security analysts and network administrators in their daily routine of security assessments. The distributed coordinated attacks are now made easy by use of the database publishing interface, several integrated open source tools and web-based management console.

About Fyodor:

Fyodor Yarochkin is a security hobbyist and happy programmer with a few years spent in business objectives and the “security” service delivery field. These years, however, weren’t completely wasted - Fyodor has been contributing his spare time to a few open and closed source projects, that attracted limited use among non-business oriented computer society. He has a background of system administration and programming and holds Engineering degree in Software Engineering.

Note: Fyodor is not ‘nmap Fyodor’. (http://www.snort.org/docs/faq.html#1.2)

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