Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni Director, Crowdfense

Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni manages Crowdfense Limited, which he designed in 2017 with a multidisciplinary team of ethical hackers, lawyers and vulnerability researchers.

The company’s main goal is to develop and apply new standards and processes to the vulnerability trading industry, which has become too strategic and complex to be managed with the old “crafts of the trade” methods. After more than two decades working in, studying in and consulting in the industry, Manzoni realized that there had to be a smarter and safer way to buy and sell active cyber-defense capabilities and decided to launch the Crowdfense Vulnerability Research Hub.

Since 2012, he has served as a board member of Clusit (Italian ICT Security Association). In 2011, he started an in-depth analysis of the most severe national and international cyber-attacks (researching and classifying more than 7,700 attacks over 84 months). This work is published in Clusit’s yearly “Report on ICT Security.” To his great surprise, over the last seven years, this research has become a reference for private and public organizations in Italy and abroad.

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