Kevin McPeake God of WarRoaming, Peak Security

Ever since being recruited early out of University for a job coding software and firmware for the credit card processing industry in 1990, Kevin McPeake’s entire career has been focused on telecommunications security. A year later in 1991, he modified a Verifone Trans330 in both software and hardware to develop a PoC site-monitoring controller for the 2-way radio and emerging cell tower industry, giving birth to the managed monitoring services company, Location Data Systems, Inc., which later was wholly acquired by Motorola in 1995.

In 1996, Kevin permanently relocated to the Netherlands, and in 1999 he co-founded Trust Factory BV, one of the early pioneers of the cybersecurity industry, in The Hague, which is now considered by many as a hub of Dutch cybersecurity activity. After joining Dutchtone as the #2 security guy in 2001, Kevin went on to lead Orange in setting impressive security benchmarks, as ranked by FoxIT, and is credited with the visionary initiative that lead to their cybersecurity team over to Risk Management under Finance, which he credits with “organizationally empowering and embedding their security program successfully.” And in 2015, Kevin performed that same flipping of cybersecurity to Risk Management again, at T-Mobile Netherlands, among many other successes.

Kevin later founded the firm Peak Security, which among other security services, also includes expertise in wireless security, forensics, surveying and consultancy.

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