HAXPO: Rise of the WarPi

This talk will be LIVE STREAMED on YouTube: https://youtube.com/hitbsecconf


Kevin McPeake is an international champion among WarRoamers, currently ranking the second most successful Individual among 235,000+ registered members and contributors around the world to WiGLE.net, the Wireless Geographic Logging Engine, having discovered more than 4.5 million previously unknown WiFi Access Points. And Kevin recently surpassed the former #2 ranked individual, putting a gap of over 500,000 WiFi SSID’s between the two of them in just 19 days.

By comparison, D4rkm4tter, the creator of the WiFi Cactus and the DEFCON presentation “Wigle like you mean it.” ranks at #460+ with just over 200,000 discovered WiFi Access Points over the entire last two years.

In this Haxpo presentation Rise of the WarPi’s, Kevin will give a brief overview of his story, his inspiration, his technical challenges, his custom made WarRoaming gear, lessons learned in his journey with WarRoaming enabling him to quickly climb the Wigle.net ranks, how he is now set to challenge the top ranked individual (user: ccie4526), and the massive collective of anonymous users who upload to the Anonymous account.

Location: Track 4 / HAXPO Date: May 10, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 11:30 am Kevin McPeake