HITBSecConf2019 Amsterdam

The 10th Annual HITB Security Conference in The Netherlands

WHEN 6th - 10th May 2019
WHERE Amsterdam DoubleTree / Beurs van Berlage

HITBSecConf2019 - Amsterdam

The 10TH ANNUAL HITB Security Conference in The Netherlands!

Taking place across 5 days from the 6th till the 10th of May 2019, the theme for the conference this year is 'The Hacks of Future Past'.

As usual we start with 2 and 3-days of technical training sessions on the 6th, 7th and 8th, followed by our 2-day multi-track conference, two Capture the Flag competitions, a massive technology exhibition (HITB Haxpo) featuring an expanded showcase area dedicated to past, present and future hacks. We will have areas covering everything from lock picking and soldering, to AI, blockchain and quantum computing. There will also be villages dedicated to EU hackerspaces, car hacking, IoT, SCADA, and hardware related exhibits plus our first ever self-driving, self-racing car challenge!

Alongside the main conference tracks, HITB labs, and Haxpo track, we will also be hosting an edition of Blackhoodie - a free, women only reverse engineering workshop on the 9th and 10th of May.

The Call for Papers for the conference is now open and the first round of accepted speakers will be announced in the first week of March. As always, do follow @HITBSecConf on Twitter for the latest event updates.

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2 & 3-Day Hands on Training

May 6th, 7th, 8th

All Trainings

Keynote Speakers

May 9th & 10th


Conference Speakers

May 9th & 10th


Haxpo Highlights

May 9th & 10th

Soldering Village with Mitch Altman

Anyone can learn to solder! Even if you have never made anything in your life, you can learn this very useful and enjoyable skill. It really is fun! Mitch will bring kits to make cool, practical, intriguing, hackable things that you can bring home after you make it.

HITB Armory

Organized in collaboration with Opposing Force, the HITB Armory is a brand new dedicated area where independent researchers will get to show off their projects, run their demos and allow you to play around with their awesome security tools!

Capture The Flag Live Hacking Contest

Chronologists, Time travelers and Fellow Futurologists, Join us at our exhibition on creative technical fiasco’s through the ages: the Chronicles of Total Failure. 27 teams from around the world will compete to find the finest selection of interactive calamities, tragedies and faux pas that once haunted the pioneers of the cyber technology frontier.

Car Hacking Village by CHV Defcon

Defcon's Car Hacking Village will be on-hand with REAL car dashboards for you to play with and everything you need to know to get started with automotive security research and hackery. The tools you'll need, the software to install and all the tips and tricks to start riding the CANBUS!

AI Village / Self Racing Car Challenge

Come by the AI village to see the latest in the world of machine learning and deep learning plus learn how to build, train, and race a self-driving model car based on the 1/16th scale Donkey Car project (http://www.donkeycar.com/)! Sign up your team and we'll provide you with a kit (worth approximately USD 285 each) - you have 3 days to build, test and race your cars!

Capture the Signal by Trend Micro

This is a new wireless signal capture and analysis contest run by Trend Micro from the US. The competition is open to all attendees and there will be SDRs provided for use on-site. They will be running this for the very first time at HITB Amsterdam.

HITB Badge Village

There will be a special edition electronic badge for the 10th year anniversary of HITB in The Netherlands! Come by the HITB Badge village and learn how to hack your special edition badge and expand its functionality! We’ll show you how to get started reprogramming the badge and hacking it to do more stuff! Unlock secret features, challenges and more!

Women in Cybersecurity CTF

CyberTalents Women in Cybersecurity CTF Competition is a global cybersecurity competition for women. This is a contest where participants can show their technical ability in a fun capture the flag contest.

When : 10th of May
Where : On site
Who : Max 10 teams

Lock Picking Village by TOOOL NL

Want to tinker with locks and tools the likes of which you’ve only seen in movies featuring police, spies, and secret agents? Then come on by the Lockpick Village, run by The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, where you will have the opportunity to learn hands-on how the fundamental hardware of physical security operates and how it can be compromised.

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