Richard Thieme Author and Keynote Speaker

Richard Thieme is a pioneer and a prophet with a long reach. In the 1980s-and-90s he illuminated how society, identity, and intelligence and security work would change as new information and communication technologies reshaped the substance of relationships – and ourselves. Now, he is called “a prophet who saw it all from the beginning.” Then, he was called “crazy.”

As a result of speaking at global conferences and reaching more on YouTube and 5 books in the past 12 years, he has built a reputation for far-seeing insights, a powerful articulate speaking ability, and audiences that range from NSA and the FBI to 22 straight years at Def Con.

A fan said, “Your mind is a door I didn’t know existed” – which might be echoed by many beyond his niche. He lives in Minneapolis but travels the world, a thought leader known for imagination.

Since a colleague at NSA said, “You can’t discuss what we talk about … unless you write fiction. Fiction is the only way you can tell the truth,” he has published 35 short stories, 19 of which were collected in “Mind Games” (2010), and a recent novel “FOAM” (2015).

He also contributed to “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry,” a serious narrative describing the government’s response to that puzzling phenomena in light of national security from the 1940s to the 1980s, a work of well-researched history now in 100+ university libraries (nearly 1000 footnotes point ONLY to government documents and primary sources, so the data is bullet proof.)

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