Founder and CEO of QUARKSLAB, a cybersecurity company specialized in cutting edge solutions to complex security problems.
We rely on innovative, efficient and practical solutions based on deep knowledge and years of internationally recognized experience in the fields of reverse engineering, software assessment, vulnerability research, operating systems and cryptography. Our team is mainly composed with senior experts. We propose a range of customized services and products completely dedicated to your precise needs.

Before that, to sum it up:
– I got a PhD on steganography
– I created MISC Magazine, the 1st IT security magazine.
– I was co-founder and president of SSTIC, the main security related conference in France.
– I started working at EADS as research engineer.
– I created the Sogeti ESEC R&D team

I am speaker at several conferences (CanSecWest, PacSec, SSTIC, HITB, …) and also wrote for security magazines/websites (securityfocus, IEEE Security & Privacy, Journal of computer virology, …)

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