Technology Exhibition / CommSec Village

Access to the JD-HITB CommSec Village Exhibition area is COMPLETELY FREE and OPEN TO ALL from 0900 – 1800 on the 1st & 2nd of November

(onsite registration required if you’re not attending the main conference) 

What is the HITB CommSec Village

An area combining our Capture the Flag competition, open source and security communities highlighting their projects, combined with an enterprise IT and technology exhibition. These communities and companies will have their own demonstration area / exhibition space to show off their projects and a chance to interact with the conference attendees and speakers.



  1. JD Security
    • Welcome to JD Security Geek Village,

      1. Become the coolest IoT hacker and breaking smart car to lead the car out from the maze

      2. Get our very own badge firmware for your 10x10cm bages. Its a Wifi Router with badge design

      3. Playing nostalgia video with the world famous hackers. closing the gap between east and west hackers

      4. visit our futuristic drone, manless car and fully automated warehouse

  2. Hack In The Box
    • Get your HITB swag and other merchandise here! Come get some!
  3. HITB Badge Village
    • Learn how to hack your special edition HITB2018PEK badge and expand it’s functionality! Come by the badge village to unlock secret badge features, mini games and more! We’ll also show you how to get started reprogramming the badge and hacking it to do more stuff!
      For non-paying conference visitors, badges can be purchased on-site for USD35, but supply is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so please come early.

      What’s On the Badge?

      • Are You Human Or Are You Hacker
      • Mini Games
      • Hidden Challenges

      The badge is fully open sourced (both the hardware and software will be provided along with the firmware for the badge).

      Hardware Specs:

      • Hardware will be based on MTK Series
      • 32M Flash
      • 128MB Ram
      • Display screen
      • UART provided
  4. DarkMatter
    • DarkMatter is transforming the cyber security landscape. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and operating globally, it is the region’s first and only fully integrated digital defence and cyber security entity developing, delivering and implementing next-generation cyber security capabilities. Our elite team of global experts deliver advanced, next-generation solutions to governments, enterprise, and other entities with the highest cyber security requirements. Innovation and Research underpin everything we do, and our vision is to “protect the future by securing its technologies.

  5. Soldering Village with Mitch Altman
    • Mitch is a hacker and inventor, most well known for inventing TV-B-Gone, he’s been a speaker at numerous hacker conferences, is an international expert on the hackerspace movement and teaches introductory electronics workshops. He has already taught over 50.000 people how to solder – from 3 year olds to grandmothers! Here’s your chance to learn how to solder one of Mitch’s electronic kits including the TV-B-Gone, Trippy RGB Waves, The Brain Machine but also all types of Arduinos and accessories!
  6. Ant Financial & Momo
    • The Ant Financial Security Response Center (AFSRC) sincerely invites all sectors of the community to provide feedback to the Ant Financial Group on system and business vulnerabilities, threat intelligence and security recommendations.Services including Alipay, Ant Forture, ZHIMA Credit, and MYbank are covered in the reponse scope. Ant Financial has developed a generous reward mechanism for reporters and proposers, including regular material incentives, merit awards and special rewards. The white hat with outstanding contributions will be rewarded with up to 360,000 cash bonus, medals of honor and overseas study opportunities. Come join AFSRC! Website:

    • MOMO Security Response Center ( MMSRC ) is a Security vulnerability collection and Security  Response platform of MOMO. It is committed to ensuring the Security of all products and user information of MOMO , and promoting communication and cooperation between MOMO and white hat .

      In order to thank White Hat  for their contributions to the information security of hundreds of millions of MOMO users, MOMO Security  Response Center has set up an annual million bonus pool, with a single vulnerability or intelligence reward of up to 10,000 yuan, and higher rewards can be obtained during the activity.

      At the same time, we will organize and sponsor offline activities such as security conferences on an irregular basis to create opportunities for White hat to communicate with each other.

  7. OPEN
    • TBA
  8. 360
    • TBA
  9. Xiaomi Mi Drone Force Game
    • Mi Drone Force – Fly to Spy!
      The Mi planet is about to be destroyed by nuclear weapons! Can you help save the planet?Our Agent X has located the HQ control centre. It is now up to YOU to bypass the alarm systems and steal the weapons PIN code.1. Fly the drone to shut down the alarm on the HQ’s control tower.
      Be careful, the alarm is activated by automatic cam and motion sensors!2. Head to the HQ control centre to steal the weapons PIN code.
      Watch out for the enemy drone who will try to shoot you down!3. Inform Agent X the PIN code so he can deactivate the nuclear launch
      Work quickly, as timing is critical!The Mi Agency will reward the fastest agents for rescuing the planet!

If you are an CN based hacker or makerspace interested in participating, please email to request for space – IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!