Benjamin Kunz Founder, Vulnerability Lab

Benjamin Kunz is active as a penetration tester and security analyst for private and public security firms, hosting entities, banks, isp(telecom) and ips. His specialties are security checks(penetrationtests) on services, software, applications, malware analysis, underground economy, military intelligence/cyberwar, reverse engineering, lectures and workshops about IT Security. During his work as a penetration tester and vulnerability researcher, many open- or closed source applications, software and services were formed more secure. In 1997, Benjamin K.M. founded a non-commercial and independent security research group called, “Global Evolution – Security Research Group” which is still active today.

From 2010 to 2011, Benjamin M. and Pim C. (Research Team) identified over 300 zero day vulnerabilities in well known products from companies such as DELL, Barracuda, Mozilla, Kaspersky, McAfee, Google, Cyberoam, Safari, Bitdefender, Asterisk, Telecom, PBX & SonicWall. In 2010 he founded the company “Evolution Security”. After the firm’s establishment arose the Vulnerability Lab as the legal european initiative for vulnerability researchers, analysts, penetration testers, and serious hacker groups. Ben is also the leader of the Contest + Vulnerability-Lab Research Team. He have a lot of stable references by solved events or contests like ePost SecCup, SCS2, EH2008, Har2009, Da-op3n & exclusive zero-day exploitation sessions/releases.

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