CommSec: Applications of Open Source Hardware in Security Research

The presentation will start with introducing a hardware architecture: VoCore2claimed to be the smallest router in the world. Next, it will describe how OpenWRT system differ from the normal embedded linux system development. By utilizing these unique characteritics, we could then DIY the source code and perform some interesting security experiments.

Here are some applications that could be performed:

  1. Build a real machine debugging system with MIPS architecture, which can debug various vulnerabilities under MIPS. You can also use it to practice some Pwn challenges.
  2. DIY the hardware and embed it into other IoTs(sockets,for example) and use it as physical pen-testing case studies(like mini cameras).
  3. If a malicious user(attacker) could somehow put the VoCore2 in a isolated industrial control environment, he can use WIFI to remotely control the devices and intrude into the system. Finally, I hope everyone could follow with more interest in open source software and hardware programs

Location: Date: November 1, 2018 Time: 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm MaLiang