HITBSecConf2018 Dubai

HITB Returns to the United Arab Emirates

WHEN 25th - 28th November 2018
WHERE Grand Hyatt Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HITBSecConf2018 - Dubai

After an 8-year hiatus, the HITB Security Conference series returns to the Middle East! HITB2018DXB will feature 2-day technical training courses followed by our 2-day multi-track conference. The conference days will feature HITB’s popular Capture the Flag competition, a technology exhibition with a focus area on IoT and blockchain related tech, a car hacking village, hardware related village and a space for makers and hackerspaces. And not forgetting our CommSec track - a free-to-attend track of 30 and 60-minute talks that we also live stream on Youtube!

Presentation Slides

All materials from the conference tracks on 27th and 28th


Internet of Things Village by ISE

Organizers of Defcon's IoT Village - Independent Security Evaluators will be in Dubai with a plethora of IoT enabled devices for attendees to play with - from routers to cameras, smart alarms and more. ISE members will guide attendees through analyzing these devices to find bugs and there will also be an IoT CTF with mini prizes up for grabs.

Hardware / Chip-Off Village by VXRL

At the Chip-Off Village, members from VXRL we will teach attendees how to start hacking hardware - specifically how to remove embedded eMMC chips for their own analysis. Some inexpensive JTAG/ISP and chip-off equipment will be made available for attendees to do some testing and eMMC chips with circuit board kits will also be made available.

Capture the Signal by Trend Micro

This is a new wireless signal capture and analysis contest run by Trend Micro from the US. The competition is open to all attendees and there will be SDRs provided for use on-site. They will be running this for the very first time at HITB Dubai.

HITB Badge Village

Yes, there will be a special edition electronic badge for all #HITB2018DXB attendees! Come by the HITB Badge village and learn how to hack your special edition badge and expand its functionality! We’ll show you how to get started reprogramming the badge and hacking it to do more stuff! Unlock secret features, mini-games and more!

Career Zone by Cyber Talents

Run in collaboration with Cyber Talents, the career zone is an area for fresh grads just starting out on their infosec careers or for security professionals looking for their next challenge. Stop by and speak with various GCC based companies looking to hire next generation ninjas!

Hack In The Class Village

Most kids aren’t exposed to interesting hacking stuff at their schools. These junior hackers don’t fit into the square hole. They belong in a ‘hacky classroom’ – one which teaches real tech subjects. With this in mind, we decided to start something new for kids like these at HITB – we call it Hack in The Class. If you are a kid aged 12 and up, drop by where we will have microelectronics for you to program and hack on, a mini web treasure hunt and also a web hacking challenge!

HITB AI Village

Come by the HITB AI Village and see real-time object detection and tracking demos, recurrent neural networks code generators, generative adversarial networks, and of course, self driving 1/10th and 1/16th scale RC cars. Based off the popular Donkeycar project and MIT RACECAR/J , learn about the hardware you’ll need to get started and the AI models you’ll need to build to compete in HITB’s hacker space challenge at HITB’s 10th year anniversary conference in Amsterdam next year.

Open Source Village

At the Open Source Village, OpenUAE Research & Development Group at University of Sharjah conducts different set of experiments on the security and privacy issues of IoT devices using penetration testing and vulnerability scan testbed. Furthermore, we present research project which aims to build blockchain infrastructure to secure IoT devices. Finally, we will illustrate machine learning project that is used for intrusion detection. All projects are sponsored by Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC).

Cryptex Village

Stop by the Cryptex Village and get your crypto madness on! The Cryptex Village is run by students from New York University Abu Dhabi

2-Day Hands on Training

November 25th & 26th

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November 27th & 28th (Open to All)


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November 27th & 28th (Paid Tracks)

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