Dr. Qassim Nasir Associate Professor, University Of Sharjah

Qassim Nasir is an Associate Professor in University Of Sharjah since 2009. In his current position. Dr. Nasir research are in blockchain, Internet of things (IoT), secure data telecommunications, secure networking. He also did work on cognitive Radio, haptic data transmission, data encryption using chaos, cloud security, and Digital Phase Locked loops.

Dr. Nasir has published over 90 as journal articles, conference articles, and book chapters. Prior to joining the University of Sharjah, UAE in 2001 and for six years, Dr. Nasir was working with Nortel Networks, Canada, as a senior system designer in the network management group for OC-192 SONET and later in the DSL group. He was adjunct part time assistant professor at Ottawa University, teaching a course in telecommunication software engineering.

Dr. Nasir was visiting professor at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland and GIPSA lab in Grenoble France to work on a Joint research project on “MAC protocol and MIMO” and “Sensor Networks and MIMO” researches. Dr. Nasir is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco trainer, and Juniper certified associates. In his current role as OpenUAE R&D coordinator did a research on IoT security, blockchain security, and performance, GPS and drone spoofing and jamming, and powerline communication security.

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