Ofir Arkin Vice President of Security, Mellanox Technologies

Ofir Arkin is the Vice President of Security at Mellanox Technologies where he is responsible for creating, driving and coordinating the overall vision and product strategy for security across all products.

Prior to his tenure at Mellanox Technologies, Ofir served as Vice President and Chief Architect at Intel Security (McAfee) where he was responsible for driving and coordinating the overall architectural vision across Intel Security products.

Prior to his role as Chief Architect, Ofir served as CTO for the Security Management Business, and was responsible for driving the vision and product strategy for McAfeeโ€™s security management business unit.

Joining McAfee as part of the acquisition of Insightix, Ofir pioneered the use of messaging in the field of security to share information in real-time, between different security products and solutions through the use of a single API, to enable an adaptive security infrastructure (also known as the Data Exchange Layer). Ofir led cross-functional teams on the architecture, strategy and execution of this adaptive security infrastructure. His work in this area created the design and accelerated the development of DXL, culminating in the release of McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, the first technology fully leveraging DXL.

Prior to his tenure at McAfee, he founded Insightix, an innovator of real-time security intelligence and control solutions where he served as CTO. He has also authored numerous research papers, patents, patent applications, advisories and influential articles covering adaptive security, information warfare, network visibility, access control, VoIP security and remote OS fingerprinting.

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