Min (Spark) Zheng Security Expert, Alibaba Inc

Min (Spark) Zheng (twitter@SparkZheng) is a security expert at Alibaba mobile security. He received his Ph.D. degree in the CSE department of the CUHK. His research focuses on malware analysis, smartphone (Android & iOS) security, system design and implementation. Before receiving Alibaba A-Star offer award in 2015, he worked in FireEye, Baidu and Tencent. He was the champion of GeekPwn 2014 and AliCTF 2015. And he won the “best security researcher” award in FIT 2016 for detecting the iOS/macOS vulnerabilities, XcodeGhost virus and WormHole RCE vulnerability. He has more than 3,000 stars on his github (@zhengmin1989). And he gave talks at DEFCON, HITB, BlackHat, RUXCON, etc.

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