Capture the Flag: Culinary Tour de Force

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This year’s CTF will be held May 26-27 2016, on location at Hack in the Box Amsterdam. Contestants can register in teams of up to 3 individuals by sending an email to

Registrations will be limited to 21 teams for the on-site event.

Update: CTF Teaser is LIVE @ from March 1st, 20:00 CET and will run until March 31st.

    • The team limit has been reached, we are looking into ways to expand the limit. We are employing a waiting list in case the limit is increased or a registered team drops out.

Full Story

A true Master must know his field by heart.

He must know the tools of the trade and the theory behind them.

He must know all or its sub-field and components: their names and their use; how they respond and interact; all their tiny intricacies, strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, he has to understand them, and has to have the creativity and insight to apply his knowledge to find novel ways; to find new functions and explore new applications.

If and only if he has proven to possess these skills, and continues to prove them in the heat of the battlefield, may he truly be called… Chef

The road to becoming a true Chef is filled with hardships and challenges. Aspiring Chefs must train hard and push themselves to the limit. And we are here, to test them. Hack in the Box proudly presents, the Culinary Tour de Force!

The Culinary Tour de Force – or CTF – is a pressure test of skills and ingenuity, where aspiring Chefs are challenged to prepare a series of exotic dishes within a short time frame. Contestants have 48 hours to analyze the recipes, find all the necessary ingredients and assemble them to complete their dish. Previous years have included such delicacies as

·         Cuckoo with Stack Canary Paté
·         Lattice Salade with C-Shells
·         Pickled Python with a side of Perl oysters

As even just gathering ingredients will prove to be a challenge, contestants will be awarded points both for the collection of individual ingredients and the successful completion of a recipe.

As a true Chef must be able to function as part of larger kitchen staff, the recipes are designed to be a multi-man effort. This means contestants are encouraged to collaborate and form teams of up to three contestants per team.


The top three teams will be awarded with special scholarships to help them on their way to becoming true Chefs.

1st Place – USD3,000

2nd Place – USD2,000

3rd Place – USD1,000

The CTF will be held on-site at Hack in the Box Amsterdam, on May 26th and 27th 2016. To entice both professionals and amateurs alike to join the CTF, a small teaser will be held as a taste of what is to come. This teaser will contain a small recipe that can be completed entirely on-line and has a much lower time limit.

The starting date of the teaser will be announced at a later date.

Things to bring

  • Laptops
  • A network switch
  • Network cables
  • Extra power sockets / power gangs.

Each team is limited to a maximum of 3 members.


If you and your team want to join the CTF, be quick to register, as space is limited to 21 teams. You can register your teams by sending a registration email with your team name to Please send us the following details:

– Team Name + Country of origin

– Team Leaders Name/Handle + Email Address

– Team Members Names/Handle + Email Address

Registered Teams

  1. CED(NL)
  2. dcua (UA)
  3. :Duurtlang (NL)
  4. CEH (NL)
  5. SectorC (NL)
  6. KITCTF (DE)
  7. HITCON (TW)
  8. bamboofox (TW)
  9. StratumAuhuur (DE)
  10. WiCS 1 (NL)
  11. WiCS 2 (NL)
  12. 0ldEur0pe (DE)
  13. Hack.ERS (NL)
  14. Hatstack (NL)
  15. dotelite (NL)
  16. Hopjesvla (NL)
  17. vnsec (VN)
  18. 0xbadf00d (UK)
  19. PwnThyBytes (RO)
  20. Team Red Ace (NL)
  21. CodeRed (KR)


If you have any questions, please send an email to

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