Capture The Flag – Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.0



Capture the Flag Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.0 will for the VERY FIRST TIME feature a collaborative effort between the HITB CTF Crew, Whitewolf Security and The Hex Factor.

The basic principle of CTF-WMD is similar to past CTF competitions held at Hack in The Box – attack and defend. Teams of 3 will have a set of daemons / services running on their machines and they need to exploit rival teams’ daemons to get their flags. Submit the flag to obtain offensive points. Keep your daemons up and running to obtain defensive points.

In CTF-WMD, each team will manage a country and each country will start with the same number of population (also known as HP or HitPoints). Teams will need to launch warheads at rival countries to gain offensive points. For defensive points, all the team needs to do is keep their utilities up.

A daemon can be 2 things. It can act as a nuclear warhead and it can also act as a utility. For example, if there are 5 daemons then a team will have 5 warheads to unlock and 5 utilities to keep up and running. Warheads are inactive by default. Teams will need to solve the daemon and a binary accompanying it to be able to launch the nuke. Solving a daemon (by exploiting another team) will unlock the nuke and solving the binary will give you the launch codes. Submit the launch code to the score server to launch the nuke at a rival team. Each warhead carries different points. The harder it is to obtain the launch codes for the warhead, the more damage it’ll do to the other teams. When a warhead hits another team’s country, a number of population will be deducted from that country. Warheads ca be disabled by hacking into them and changing the flag to something else.

Utilities contributes to the defensive aspects of the game. The only thing they do is regenerate the country’s population. The more utilities you have up and running, the higher your regeneration multiplier is. When a team loses all utilities (flag captured by the enemy), population regeneration will drop to 0. Winners will be determined according to the number of population they have left. If a team reaches 0 population before the game ends, the team is considered disqualified.


- No flooding and/or DoS attack. Players will be penalized by disqualification, points deduction or time penalty.
- No harassment of other opponents.
- All participants must obey PIT STOP calls. PIT STOP calls are rest intervals where all players must leave the game area to facilitate for the CtF judges to update the score, and/or do maintenance work etc.

How do I register?

To register for Capture The Flag – Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.0, please send an email to with the following details. Do note that registration closes on Monday 4th October 2010

- Team Name
- Team Leaders Name / Handle + Email Address
- Team Members Names / Handle + Email Addresses

Registered Teams

1.) sutegoma2 (JAPAN)
3.) Army Strong (US ARMY)
4.) Terminators (SINGAPORE)
6.) Guardian Wisp (VIETNAM)
7.) Kill Bill Volume 1 (MALAYSIA)
8.) Kill Bill Volume 2 (MALAYSIA)

Final Judgement

At all times, the decision of the CtF Organizing Team is final on any matter in question.