Steve Anson (Director, Forward Discovery)

Presentation Title Detecting Computer Intrusions
Presentation Abstract

One of the first, and most difficult, questions asked in any computer intrusion response is “Are we actually victims?” This talk will outline many of the technical indicators of computer intrusions and provide a brief overview of triage and response techniques to use when an incident is suspected. From computer forensic indicators, to log analysis tips, to behavioral clues, this talk will provide you with the key things to look for to know when you are no longer the owner of your system.

About Steve Anson

Steve Anson is a former computer crime special agent with the US FBI Cyber Crime Task Force and the US Department of Defense. He has experience in investigating thousands of computer intrusion incidents and has co-authored the book Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation on the topic. His industry certifications include the CISSP, MCSE and EnCE. Steve is currently the Managing Director of Forward Discovery Middle East, a Dubai-based computer forensics and information security company.