Zhanzhao Ding Researcher, StarCross Portal Lab & Leader of the CTF team r3kapig

Ding Zhanzhao, nickname anciety, StarCross Portal Lab researcher, the leader of the CTF team r3kapig, Peking University overgraduate. StarCross technology Portal Lab focuses on container security, incident response, reverse engineering and binary analysis. Members have published several research topics in BlackHat, BlueHat, OWASP, XCON and PHDays. As the leader of the PortalLab, Anciety has been qualified in participating DEFCON CTF final 4 times (26-29) and has achieved many world-top-level CTF awards, such as TCTF/0CTF 1st place, WCTF 3rd place. Also, anciety has been one of the organizers for several world-level CTFs such as XCTF and BCTF, the latter is one of the DEFCON wild card CTFs.

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