Slawomir Jasek Trainer,

Trainer, speaker, pentester and IT security consultant with over 15 years of experience. Participated in countless assessments of systems’ and applications’ security for leading financial companies, public institutions and cutting edge tech startups. Has an MSc in automation&robotics, developed secure embedded systems certified for use by national agencies. Currently Slawomir researches security of new technologies (especially Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC/RFID) and provides relevant trainings – based among others on electronic locks and access control systems ( Beside research and training, he focuses on consulting and designing of secure solutions for various software and hardware projects, during all phases – starting from a scratch.

Previously gave talks, workshops or trainings at HackInTheBox Amsterdam, BlackHat USA, HITB Cyberweek, HackInParis, multiple Appsec EU, Deepsec, BruCON, Confidence, Devoxx and many other events.

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