Benjamin Kunz Mejri Founder, Evolution Security GmbH

Benjamin Kunz Mejri (* 6 May 1983) is a german it security specialist and penetration tester. His research areas include security holes in computer systems, bug bounties, the security of e-payment payment services and the protection of privacy. Kunz-Mejri is known for uncovering new security holes, zero day bugs and publishing them transparently. Kunz-Mejri is the CEO of Vulnerability Labs and the founder of the well-known Evolution Security GmbH in germany. In 2014 he founded the company “Evolution Security GmbH”. In 2004 the new Vulnerability Lab Program established as the transparent legal european initiative for vulnerability researchers, analysts, bug bounty hunters, penetration testers and serious hacker groups. Benjamin K.M. identified zero-day vulnerabilities in well known products from companies such as DELL, AT&T, Barracuda, Mozilla, Kaspersky, Sony, McAfee, Google, Oracle, Fortinet, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Skype, Facebook, United Airlines & SonicWall. He participated in multiple bug-bounty/research/developer programs, manage interviews (2) (3), solve important security jobs and joined to famous events/contests. In may 2012 Ben discovered 3 critical session vulnerabilities affecting 670 & 350 million user accounts of the skype, xbox live and msn hotmail account service. Ben provides also exclusive exploitation sessions & excellent security talks. Mejri is listed by wikipedia since the year 2016.

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