Yago Hansen CEO, Wifense

Ethical hacker, expert in network engineering and system administration, with extensive experience in network infrastructures of all sizes. During his professional career, he has carried out international projects for large corporations in the banking, insurance, telecommunications and Government security sectors among others. In recent decades he has specialized extensively in wireless technologies, successfully leading numerous projects for security planning, implementation and auditing. With his company (WiFense), he has developed an interception system for one of the largest global intelligence corporations based in Israel. In the field of cybersecurity, he carries out regular interventions for the press, as well as lectures and training cycles in various universities and congresses. Co-founder of Mundo Hacker, a team with which he has broadcasted programs on radio, streaming, podcast, conferences, as well as shows on public TV (Telecinco, Discovery Max, TVE La Dos and Channel Trece in Colombia). He published numerous publications and articles in specialized magazines, also collaborating with Ra-Ma editorial, through which he has written and published several books on computer security. For some years now, he has been a regular security trainer for intelligence, Defence and National Security services for many international governments.

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