Rafael Boix Carpi Principal Trainer & Security Specialist, Riscure

Rafael Boix Carpi is a Principal Trainer and Security Specialist at Riscure. His fields of expertise include side channel analysis and fault injection in embedded devices. Boix Carpi has presented talks and workshops at several conferences worldwide (CCC camp 2015, PANDA 2016, ChinaCrypt 2015, SPACE 2015, Crypto Summerschool 2017, 2015 and 2014, etc.), as well as authored and collaborated on several research papers. Boix Carpi enjoys working with customers to come up with an effective strategy to enhance the security of their products. He is interested in information security, software development, hardware hacking and embedded devices, basically tearing apart any device with chips on it until its secrets are revealed and sharing how to do it for learning how to make things more secure.

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