Orange Tsai Member, DEVCORE

Cheng-Da Tsai, also as known as Orange Tsai, is the member of DEVCORE and CHROOT from Taiwan. He has spoken at conferences such as Black Hat USA/ASIA, DEF CON, HITCON, HITB, and CODEBLUE. He participates in numerous Capture-the-Flags (CTF), and also the team captain of HITCON, which won 2nd place in DEF CON 22/25. Currently, he is focusing on application security and 0day research. Orange enjoys finding vulnerabilities and participating in Bug Bounty Programs. He is enthusiastic about Remote Code Execution (RCE), and uncovered RCEs in several vendors, such as Facebook, Uber, Apple, GitHub, Amazon, Yahoo, Netflix and Imgur. Twitter: @orange_8361 Blog:

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