Monnappa K A Information Security Investigator, Cisco Systems

Monnappa K A works with Cisco Systems as an information security investigator focusing on threat intelligence, investigation of advanced cyber attacks, researching on cyber espionage and targeted attacks. He is the author of the book “Learning Malware Analysis” and a member of Black Hat review board. He is the creator of Limon Linux sandbox, winner of Volatility plugin contest 2016 and co-founder of the cyber-security research community “Cysinfo” ( His fields of interest include malware analysis, reverse engineering, memory forensics and threat intelligence. He has presented at various security conferences around the globe including Black Hat, FIRST, SEC-T, DSCI, and Cysinfo on various topics which include memory forensics, malware analysis, reverse engineering and rootkit analysis. He has conducted training sessions at Black Hat, FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security teams), SEC-T, OPCDE cyber security conferences. He has also authored various articles in eForensics and Hakin9 magazines. You can find some of his contributions to the community in his YouTube channel (, and he publishes blog posts at

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