Lilang Wu Senior Engineer, Trend Micro

Lilang Wu is a Senior Engineer from TrendMicro and has four years security experience. He focus on iOS, MacOS and Android kernel vulnerability discovery and malware hunting. He has participated at many conferences: 1.Blackhat USA 2018 Arsenal – Art of Dancing with Shackles: Best Practice of App Store Malware Automatic Hunting System; 2.Blackhat Europe 2018 – Drill Apple Core: Up and Down – Fuzz Apple Core Component in Kernel and User Mode for Fun and Profit; 3. CodeBlue 2018 – Wow, PESSR has Eroded Apple in Blink – Fun and Profit to Gain Dozens of iOS Vulnerabilities in Minutes by (P)ortable (E)xtensible (S)criptable (S)eed (R)eproducible Mobile Fuzzer; 4. CodeBlue 2018 – Android War of Finding Needle in Haystack – Best Practice of Hunting System for Android Exploit in the wild; 5.CodeBlue 2018 – Smart Fuzzing XPC & XNU. Twitter: @Lilang_wu Github:

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