Venkatesh Sivakumar Security Consultant, DarkMatter LLC

Venkatesh Sivakumar (@PranavVenkatS) is a security consultant working with DarkMatter LLC. He is one of the top security researcher in Google vulnerability reward program. He is acknowledged 100+ companies which includes Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo, AT&T, Dutch Govt, Blackberry, Apple, Oracle, Ebay etc. for reporting vulnerabilities in their applications. He is also Offensive Certified Security Professional. He is also CTF player @ h4ckx0r5 .He has also authored few articles for PentestMag and hakin9. He has also given talks at universities, colleges and Null & OWASP community meetups. He was also a speaker at Nullcon, Ncsc India, c0c0n etc.

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