Pierre Barre Senior Security Researcher, MT Lab, DarkMatter

Pierre Barre is a Senior Security Researcher in the Mobile and Telecommunication Lab at Dark Matter. His area of expertise is offensive security: discovery of 0-day vulnerabilities and exploitation to provide weaponized exploits, reverse engineering, network protocol analysis, Android security, IoT and “Cloud” protocols. If it pings, he likes to analyze it. He holds a Master’s Degree in IT security and is CISSP certified. Before DarkMatter, he worked as a CISO for 5 years for the biggest e-gambling French platform and then lived 3 years in Western Africa improving his offensive and technical skills by doing penetration tests, organizing trainings and finding 0-day vulnerabilities.

He found 42 CVEs in IoT, Linux embedded devices, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and a number of non CVE-attributed security vulnerabilities. His research has been cited by WSJ, ThreatPost, Cisco, TheRegister, Slashdot (multiple times), ZDNet, CNet… One of his publication was in the nomination list of the Pwnie Awards 2016, categories Backdoors. He was a speaker during Zerocon’2017 where he explained how he found critical vulnerabilities in network devices used massively in South Korea and how to exploit them. He uses the nickname “Pierre Kim” to release security advisories, works with vendor to provide security patches and likes to share his findings. His technical blog about 0-day vulnerabilities and weaponized exploits is available at https://pierrekim.github.io/

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